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Monday, December 1, 2008

December Selling Lounge Newsletter

The Selling Lounge

The Selling Lounge

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December 2008

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The Selling Lounge

Merry Christmas!

Dear Selling Lounge Members

I want to Welcome to The Selling Lounge all of our "New Members" and thank all of you who have made "The Lounge" what it is. The Selling Lounge is a friendly place to gather helpful information to help our online buisness grow and a place where sellers are helping sellers.

As you can tell, we have been growing and are looking for members that would love to be part of our Team to help out in various areas of the forum and to help Welcome New Members as they come in. Please let me know if you are interested, we would love to have you.

May you all have a safe and wonderful Holiday Season this year with your families and loved ones.

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Happy Sales! - Bays

Really Smart Deals Surf Contest

This will be fun!!! Let's Do It!!! I would really love to get together a group of us to surf Really Smart Deals as a team for a full week. It would make me proud to get as many of us as we can. The more the merrier! It would a Blast to see all my online friends all surfing together as one.

1. Please post your name and date along with adding to the poll.
2. Add The "" to your RSD username for that week.

What I would love to do is have us add "" to our ReallySmartDeals account name along with our own site name while surfing. So for me I would do something like this: - BaysDesigns

If we are in the top 10, we would place any of our sites in the newsletter that we want. We will just let Debbie from RSD's know which one of our sites we are surfing for. This will be fun to see how many will be surfing with "" in their usernames! Let's get together and form a group of us!

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    "StumbleUpon is a brilliant downloadable toolbar that beds into your browser and gives you the chance to surf through thousands of excellent pages that have been stumbled upon by other web-users"

    Right now what I do is to access the sellers homepages on different sites, pick an item or two at random and then click on the "I like it" thingy and write a rating. I figure it's exposure. From what I understand, the people that are out there on the 'net, searching, are picked up due to key words. Somehow, Stumble manages to come into play and it makes people able to find items that have been rated by others. Sort of like a Consumers Report for the on-line buying world.

    You can read more from one of our members Myra here: Read More Here

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    Overnight Auctions - Chance To Win A MP3 Player

    Sign up today at or and list at least one item on either site. You will be placed in a drawing for a new mp3 player!!!

    PLEASE post in our forum at that you are a new member in that section to enter. Thank you from overnight auctions!!

    Ends December 25th - Christmas Day!!

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    Lesson #1 - Title, Meta Name Description, & Meta Keywords!!

    There are many reasons why buyers are not finding us, but I will start off with the Basics.

    Make sure you have your TITLE, META NAME DESCRIPTION, & META KEYWORDS on your site. This goes after: and


    1. TITLE * From time to time you need to be fortunate to get a lot of traffic from search engines. You can greatly influence how much traffic you get from Google and the other search engines. Your Title should be clear using descriptive keywords of your site and something that your customers are trying to find on search.

    2. META NAME DESCRIPTION * Make sure that you use DESCRIPTIVE keywords in describing your site and your products! Google likes no more than 250 characters in your meta name description area.

    3. META KEYWORDS * Make sure that you are using keywords that your potential buyer is going to type into search to look for your items. Google likes no more than 250 characters in your meta keywords area. A Secret: Do a search on your items and type in things you think that your customers would type in to find you. Take a look at the top sites that pop up on search. Do a "VIEW PAGE SOURCE"! Look at all of their Title's, Meta Descriptions, & Meta Keywords. Then go to their sites and look at the titles and descriptions of the product.

    You can usually find out why your items aren't showing up in search on the first page and theirs are. Now keep in mind this is just one reason.

    more info...

    Introduction Corner

    Stop by the Introduction Corner and read your welome thread and leave a welcome for other members. Let's make everyone feel at home at The Selling Lounge. As the moderator for Introduction Corner, you will find Vinewood and Keleka there doing a great job at welcoming everyone.

    And don't forget that we have lots of helpful information for you in The Lounge!

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