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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September 2009 Selling Lounge Newsletter
September 2009 Newsletter
Happy First (1st) Anniversary Selling Lounge
The Selling Lounge

We are excited to announce that The Selling Lounge is going to have its First Anniversary (1st) September 6, 2009. We sure have come a long way and could not have done it without all of the members associated with us.

Stop on by the forum and check out all the things going on where Sellers are helping each other with their online Business’.

You can find us here:

The Selling Lounge Mission: We are committed to and strive to create a friendly on-line Forum where E-Commerce Business Owners, (members) can share their knowledge and learn from others in an environment strictly and solely dedicated to promoting the growth and success of member E-Commerce Businesses. Simply put, this Forum is dedicated to Sellers helping Sellers and is opened to, and welcomes everyone who shares this vision!

Given that the World Wide Web is mostly unregulated, there is no shortage of people who have developed and promote on-line forums and e-commerce sites that are used in a manner that is contrary to the above. It is because of this fact that this Forum has been developed for the purpose of sharing knowledge and learning from others and therefore, will remain committed to this end. While we welcome everyone, we have an obligation and duty to maintain the essence and high standards associated with this Forum and reserve the right to protect our valued members by blocking or deactivating people who use the Forum in an abusive negative manner.

Our Forum Moderators – We Thank You!

I would love to take this opportunity to thank our Global Moderators, Forum Moderators and our TSL Support Team! Without you we would not be where we are or who we are today, plus it warms my heart to have such thoughtful and caring people such as yourselves here helping the members out, always ready to lend a hand in a positive manner.

Vintage Rose Collectibles I would love to take this time to thank Barbara for the many hours of her time adding helpful content to the forum for the members to help us succeed with our business. She has been with The Selling Lounge since we first started and has helped us in more ways than I can say. We wouldn’t be where we are without you Barbara, so I want to thank you for everything that you do and know that you are greatly admired and appreciated here and all over the net. We are so very glad that you are a big part of The Selling Lounge!

OrganicGiftsByDiana Diana is the forums new Head Moderator! (Stop on by and congratulate her) She is all over the forum helping members in all areas that she can and not to mention, she is our Squidoo Queen! She has been teaching us many aspects of Squidoo since January of this year and in the near future she will be giving us a workshop on Squidoo, so please stay in touch and get involved with this workshop.

Diana has been the one that has kept our forum clean of all spammers as well which is much appreciated! And not to mention that she has been organizing the forum when we at times put a thread in the wrong area. Thank You So Much For Being Here!!!! You do so much for all of us.

vinewood Wes has been with The Selling Lounge since we first started and started out as our Door Greeter if we can call it that. As many of us know, Wes knows many people on the internet and is always very warm and friendly to his friends as well as his new friends. He helps in every way he can and I can’t thank him enough for being a big part of The Selling Lounge. Wes I’m so very grateful that you are here.

If members need help with info on their signature or making a clickable banner, Wes is your man.

Keleka Teresa has also been with The Selling Lounge since almost the beginning and is a true asset to the forum. She is always so welcoming to all the new members and cheery and funny. Teresa pops in to help where she can and loves to chat with the members making EVERYONE feel welcomed. She is very helpful with pointing members in the right direction! Thank You so much Teresa for being a big part of The Selling Lounge.

CruiseReady Sheila has been with us since November 2008 and has always popped in and out of the forum to take part in many of the discussions and learning threads. Just in the last few weeks Sheila has become a very important part of The Selling Lounge by becoming a Forum Moderator. Boy did she ever jump in with both feet! She has already taken on our really important area of acknowledging The Member in The SpotLight, not to mention the many areas of the forum where she can be seen. Sheila, I can’t thank you enough for being a big part of The Selling Lounge; I’m happy that you are here.

Preemie Patch Fran has been with us since February and has proved to be a very valuable asset to the forum helping other sellers. She has become very helpful in the areas of zen cart which will be a huge plus for the forum. Thank you Fran for being a part of our Team! The Selling Lounge needs people like you to help others. I’m really glad that your here!

Best Site Contest Winner – Congratulations Preemie Patch!
The Selling Lounge

Preemie Patch Best Site Contest Winner – 1st Place!

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Rest assured that each gently used item is hand picked and in excellent condition. Our clothes and accessories are also perfect for reborns! We have been seamstresses for many years and will continue to create clothing and shoes for infants and reborn doll makers alike!

We offer our own line of handmade boutique style clothing and shoes! While we are unable to accept orders at this time, we are happy to take suggestions for future listings.

Please contact us at::

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Some Thoughts on Ecommerce and Hurricane Season

Article By CruiseReady

Although the Atlantic Basin Hurricane Season officially runs from June 1 to Nov 30, we have just entered the peak part of the season, which usually occurs from about the second week of August through October.

What if you live in a land-locked state? Then this has nothing to do with you, right? Wrong! Hurricane season can have a big effect on those operating their sites from or near coastal areas, but it can also affect you even if you run your ecommerce site from Idaho. Here are some actions to think about taking if your location might be affected by one of these monster storms and some things to take into consideration even if you are far, far from the sea.

Make it your business to know what systems are churning out there, and where they might be heading. Also, if a storm is affecting an area or has just done so, be familiar with where that area is, and (in general) how widespread damages and power outages are. You might have customers in the area. Don’t expect sales or communications from them just before or after a tropical system hits their area.

The same is true of your vendors or anyone you order business supplies from. Know where your vendors are for the same reasons.

Be patient! Your customers and/or vendors could very well be operating in survival mode. They may or may not have power, running water, or even a roof over their heads. And, depending on the extent of damage, that mode could last from just a few hours to weeks on end.

REMEMBER that category does NOT matter! We had thousands of dollars in damage and went for several days without power when Fay swept through last year . . . and she was “only” a Tropical Storm. You cannot operate your business by candlelight. Be prepared – not only with your disaster plans and emergency supplies kit – but also for possible downtime.

1- BACK UP YOUR SITE and everything related to it regularly, but ESPECIALLY if a system is approaching. If you are not using an internet based back-up service, pack the latest copy of your back tape or flash drive in your ‘Go Kit,’ so that it evacuates with you. I usually take my hard drive, as well.

2 – SAFEGUARD YOUR INVENTORY. Make sure it is stored in plastic and/or plastic bins, and elevated.

3 – If a storm is tracking towards your area, consider placing a NOTE on your site that you in the possible path of the storm, and anyone considering a purchase might want to complete that purchase by a certain day or time.

4 – If the NHC issues a WATCH for your area, you might want to advise customers that you downtime for your site may be imminent.

5 – If your watch is upgraded to a WARNING, consider putting your site on ‘vacation’ setting or disabling your cart. Consider the ramifications this scenario: Someone makes a purchase at 2:30 and, at 2:31, the storm knocks out power to your area – for two weeks! (It could happen) Better to be safe than sorry.

6 – Personally, I wouldn’t order a new batch of inventory with a storm headed in my direction, either. But, that’s just me.

For more articles and discussions of interest to on line sellers, visit The Selling Lounge, where sellers help sellers.

Article By CruiseReady:

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Happy Birthday to our September Birthday Members
The Selling Lounge

Happy Bithday nelliekellie, CraftsDucksNMore, awesomedogtoyandmore, Cleos Great Deals, crochetingbysuzanne, luvnit, Cindy522, Lovebirds,

Stop by the forum and wish them a Happy Birthday! You can click on our calendar which will let you know when their Birthday is.

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Special Thank You
I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you who have made The Selling Lounge what it is and what it can be. TSL has so many members helping each other and taking part in the many areas of the forum where we have places just for you to help get you out there and noticed.

A HUGE SPECIAL THANK YOU goes out to our Moderators of The Selling Lounge!

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