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Sunday, February 8, 2009

February Selling Lounge Newsletter

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February 2009 Newsletter

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Hi Everyone and Happy Valentines Day!

Hope this finds everyone well! The Selling Lounge has really been growing lately and I would love to take this opportunity to Welcome all the new members to one of the best places on the net to get help and share with others.

Yesterday we turned 5 Months Young and all ready have 271 Members. Isn't this awesome! I want to thank each and everyone of you for making The Selling Lounge what it is. Please stop by when you have the time to check out all the new things going on and all the information to help you be sucessful with your online business.

Build a solid network on The Selling Lounge !
Helpful Hints & Tips By OrganicGiftsByDiana

Don't forget to list your sites/lenses/pages... on the appropriate threads so that we can all support each other by visiting and commenting… on each of them - hopefully we get to them once a month.

If you list your links, You must agree to support the other sellers that are there by commenting or rating or favoriting... theirs too. This has to be a two-way arrangement or it will fall apart.

After you list your links in the thread, let us know which ones you have visited and commented on or favorited... (something that we can check) and then whoever's links you did will get to yours.

You do not have to do all of them at one time, in fact it is better if you can spread them out a little - just let us know each time you do some and what you did. I know we are all busy, but maybe we can take 5 minutes a day to try to get through the list of everyone's lenses and websites. Even if you do not do all of them as a few of us have a LOT - LOL - do as many as you can and the same number as how many you listed.

I visited everyone's Squidoo lenses the other day until my eyes went fuzzy because I know me - I would get busy with something else and forget - so I did them right then.

*** Some got all 4 (stars, comment, fan club and favorited) and others (if you had more than 3 lenses) got only 2 or 3 of them to make it not seem like a canned response. The search spiders can tell what is phony so I try to mix it up a little to be fair to all.

This took about 1½-2 hours because I actually read the whole lenses - hope the same is done for mine.

*** webspiders count the time someone is on your pages + I like reading how we got started, what we do, what's important to us, AND to be able to write decent comments we need to read the page - LOL

There is a hint/tip thread under the Squidoo Umbrella that could be helpful for just about any website/page, not just useful for Squidoo so check it out often because you never know when I will add another tip. Squidoo Hints and Tips

Thank You Diana! For all of you that are interested, Diana has put together a 7 page tips and hints for us and if you are interested in having this please let us know.

Really Smart Deals - Selling Lounge Surf Contest

The Selling Lounge had a huge turn out for our Really Smart Deals Surf Contest Jan. 18 - Jan. 25. We had 27 members signed up and surfing from many different sites on the net. WOW! I was shocked at just how many of us there were surfing together for the better of our business. Everyone did a wonderful job and I don't think that I have ever had that much fun surfing before. We must get together and do this again sometime. We had 9 of us surfing make it in the Top 10 and 8 of us surf over 10,000 surfs!

The RSD 10,000 Club Members from The Selling Lounge

The RSD 10,000 Club Members are: Vinewood@Bonanzle,, Vintage Rose Collectible, Southwithch@Bonanzle, Kekekas, Faraway Eyes@Bonanzle, Shwp1@Bonanzle, and Purple Cow Antiques@YHB.

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