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Friday, January 1, 2010

January 2010 Selling Lounge Newsletter
January 2010 Newsletter
HAPPY New Year
Edition 16

Happy New Year Everyone!! Can you believe that The Selling Lounge is now 16 months old! What a pleasant surprise to observe several of you using the valuable recourses that all the members have added to the forum. We can’t thank you enough for all your participation and positive interaction with each other which has made learning fun!

I would love to start off by Welcoming all new members to The Selling Lounge and to let you know we are all glad to have you on board! The Selling Lounge is a friendly forum full of resources for online sellers where sellers are helping sellers. We all work together in a positive manner to better our understanding of our business no matter where we sell.

The Selling Lounge was started back in September 2008 as a place for all of us sellers to learn and to help each other, and boy you guys sure know how to make things happen! The positive interaction is just beyond words and being there to help your online friends is invaluable. You Guys So Rock and I couldn’t be prouder of a great bunch of people!

The Selling Lounge has grown vastly over the last 16 months since we opened our doors to online sellers. We have 622 members to date, 24911 Total posts, and 2796 Total topics.

We as you all know have so many members to thank for their time in not only adding important content to the forum, however for being here to help other online sellers with all your valuable information. The Selling Lounge wants to take this time to thank you for being you and for being here!

Please read the article below from Keleka that she had wrote about The Selling Lounge. You will find that in “Articles From Members”.

Now to THANK my Moderators!! I love them all dearly and can not say enough good things about them! They are all just the best group of people that I have ever met on the internet!!

TSL Head Moderator OrganicGiftsByDiana, Diana has just been so amazing stepping in and helping each and everyone that needs help in all directions and areas of our business. She is a very busy lady and is ALWAYS taking her time to help out where needed and to give us that extra push in the right direction to better our business in a very loving and kind way. Diana is an extraordinary vital part of The Selling Lounge. Thank You Diana for all you do, for being here and for giving of your time to all of us!

CruiseReady, since becoming our newest Forum Moderator has been extremely active in many areas promoting numerous sellers and getting their stores and links out there. She is ALWAYS very helpful in all she does for the members of The Seller Lounge and I can’t thank her enough! I’m so very glad that you are here Sheila as TSL would not be what it is without you!

Vinewood, Wes you have been the BEST Welcome Wagon person on the internet. You are always there to not only welcome new members and wish members a Happy Birthday, however you have been so kind to ALWAYS stop and lend a helping hand to others. I really can’t thank you enough for being here and being you.

Keleka is always here for each and everyone of us lending a kind word of encouragement and thoughtful words of endearment. You with your extra push to get members moving in the right direction to better themselves and their business is just amazing. I’m so very glad that you are a HUGE part of The Selling Lounge! Thank You so very much for being here.

Vintage Rose Collectibles you are truly awesome with all the helpful information that you bring to the forefront to all of us along with your pleasant, helpful and funny manner. You are just one of the sweetest most kindest people I know and it warms my heart that you are a Great Big HUGE part of The Selling Lounge.

ALL MEMBERS please make sure that you add all of your links in your signature as well as adding your site to your profile!

We together, if we all work together; can help each other out by participating in the Squidoo, Stumble Upon, Blogging, etc. Threads in the forum.

If you find imprtant information on the net that is going to help out other online sellers, please bring it to the forum and post it for us. We would really love to see more of you participate in this as we are all working together to better our business’ together. Please make yourself at home!

Thank You for your participation!

Our Stats: Total posts 24911 | Total topics 2796 | Total members 622

Mary Russel’s Blog

The Selling Lounge

My Current Projects: The Steamer Trunk & the Hexagon Murders(mystery novels) Children’s Author and Mystery Writer, Mary Russel was born in 1948 and grew up in the U.S. in various foster homes and in an orphanage. She escaped in books.

It is her hope that she can provide present and future generations of readers with the same enjoyment and excitement she finds in books.

She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and enjoys reading, writing, cooking, crafts, and spending time with her husband and two very spoiled dogs.

Candy Bar Wrap Party Ideas Blog Spot – Party Ideas

The Selling Lounge

Party ideas for all occasions. Weddings, Birthdays, baby showers & more.

This blog has many ideas on planning many different themed weddings. You will find ideas for a beach wedding, whimsical beach wedding, nautical beach wedding, Hawaiian beach wedding, as well as many many more ideas. Stop on by and check out this Blog.


Warm and sunny – and absolutely stunning – photos of sunflowers are only one of the many pieces of eye candy you’ll be able to feast upon when visiting Lora Severson Photography. You’ll also find daisies, roses, hydrangeas, and tulips. And, there’s more! Country lovers will want to browse her barns and rustic collection, those interested in the Martial Arts can find custom martial arts photographic products just for them, and starry-eyed lovers simply must see her extensive Wedding Collection of invitations, announcements, save the date cards, envelope stickers, key chains, and more, more more!

Lora is one talented lady, and that’s perfectly evident when you look at her custom photography products. But, she’s also a valuable member here at TSL, and we are lucky to have her. She’s a great stumbler, and has given many of us a big traffic boost by encouraging us to stumble, and helping us to remember to do it more often and effectively.

Besides being a professional photographer, as you will see from reading a Squidoo Lens that she writes, she is a 40 year old Black Belt, so she is quite the multi-faceted lady, who doesn’t mind giving of her time to help out fellow sellers. And so, the spotlight is happy to shine on this special lady, who so exemplifies the spirit of TSL!

Best Site For February Contest – Vote For Your Best Site

We Have 6 Sites To Pick From for The Best Site Contest! Please stop by and visit our members sites in this month’s Best Site Contest and vote for your best site.

  • We will have ONE (1) Winner
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Our 6 Sites to vote on are:

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Sign Up Here For The Best Site Contest:
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Please Read Our New Best Site Contest Rules!

If you are interested in having your site featured in our Newsletter please submit to me why you think your site should be featured in The Selling Lounge Newsletter along with a brief description of your site no more than about a paragraph in length.

I will go through all submitted sites and pick which one will be added to the upcoming Newsletter. I will save all submitted sites to be featured in upcoming Newsletters.

I will need the following for your site submittal:
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Keleka ’s Kollections Jewelry & The Selling Lounge

I would like to start this post by saying this posting is long overdue. Above you will find a banner that will navigate you to one of my favorite places called the Selling Lounge. This is a friendly forum where Sellers help Sellers.

I am proud to say I am a moderator at the Selling Lounge and I truly love it. Here you will find such amazing people who are willing to help you succeed with your on line business with such sincerity it is actually mind blowing !

In this forum I have said more than once and with no doubt more than twice, without this lounge/forum Keleka’s Kollections would not be up and running.

I started this business due to a home based jewelry business where my clients would ask me “Why don’t you have a website” so I then decided to put my jewelry on a website…Well it is not that simple, there is marketing, learning how to submit to major search engines, using the correct keywords, tagging, RSS feeds,blogging etc. the list is endless! This is where I feel a angel guided me towards the Selling Lounge and once I found it I stayed!

The Selling Lounge owner Debi has the patience of a saint and through countless emails has taught me new informative strategies to help my website grow in the direction I had planned. Also in the lounge you will find on-line sellers who go out of their way to help you if you have a problem and they do this effortless, I know now these are all people which whom I never met or spoke with I can now without question call my friends.

Having been a moderator at the Selling Lounge for a long time , I can only tell you I am with some of the hardest working people in this industry. On-line business owners who never give up , they remain optimistic even when things sometimes aren’t going as well as they should.

Along with many categories in this lounge pertaining to business you will also find games, Learning New Organic Tips with Diana, Dancing with the Stars, Jokes from Vinewood, Who ate what for Dinner, What is in your backyard, A place for prayers for our members who may not feeling be well, Birthdays, American Idol, Shout outs with Keleka, Contests,you name it’s there. In fact if you see something that is missing you can join and then start your own thread. You will also receive the friendliest Welcome on the Internet from such Warm sincere people who really care.

I am happy to say I now have a few successful on line businesses and a customer base which I am so proud of. I pride myself with customer care being the number one priority. As a owner of on-line businesses I can honestly say each sale still feels like the first sale. Words cannot explain the honor I feel when someone places a purchase on my site. The feeling is not describable!

In Closing I will say I continue learning something new everyday here at the Selling Lounge and again I know for a fact I would not still be selling online if it was not for the Selling Lounge. Do yourself a favor and come join the this fantastic forum where you will learn how to navigate your websites to the direction in which you plan and have fun doing it at the same time!

Keleka ’s Kollections

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When someone is looking for something on the internet chances are they will find you through an article that you have wrote which will have links going back to your website. This turns into future sales and traffic to you and your website which means money!

Think about it this way! When writing articles you want to put yourself in the shoes of your customer, therefore you want write content that your customer is looking for on the internet. You want to make sure that you have all the information needed to draw these people to you.

The Selling Lounge has its own Directory where you can submit your articles to.

Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide

If you are new to SEO, I strongly recommend you to
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Would you like a little free advertising for your February Sales?

The Gift Listings Blog will list your February sales, Sales for Presidents Day (Feb 15) and / or Valentines Day (Feb 14) I will be working on putting these lists together starting sometime next week, and I need the following 6 items to use in the listing. (LINK to thread to post your sales follows the list of needed items)

1 – Is it a Presidents Day Sale or a Valelntine’s Day Sale or “other February Sale”?
2 – Store Name
3 – Store URL
4 – URL for your store’s 125 x 125 banner
5 – SHORT description of your store or what you sell – OR – list of up to 10 key words
6 – Description of sale, including what is on sale, and what the sale price or % off will be, including a coupon code, if any.

Here is the link to The Selling Lounge thread where you need to post your information:

If you have more than one store with a sale, you can list up to three. Please provide the six items shown above for each store.

Here’s to some great sales for all of us in 2010!

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