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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Selling Lounge December 2009 Newsletter
December 2009 Newsletter
Edition 15
Welcome To The Selling Lounge

I would love to start off by Welcoming all new members to The Selling Lounge and to let you know we are all glad to have you on board! The Selling Lounge is a friendly forum full of resources for online sellers where sellers are helping sellers. We all work together in a positive manner to better our understanding of our business no matter where we sell.

The Selling Lounge has grown vastly over the last almost 15 months since we opened our doors to online sellers. We have 608 members to date, 22908 Total posts, and 2594 Total topics.

These last few months we have been involved in many areas of our business’ to help ourselves grow by participating as a group in such things as Blogging, StumbleUpon and Squidoo.

Our Head Moderator, Diana graciously put on 3 Squidoo Workshops teaching us how to set up a Squidoo Lens to adding content to them. You can view these workshops in the forum under Workshops by signing in.

CruiseReady has spent many hours putting together a Blog called Gift Listings and has been adding our products. You must really stop by and check it out. You can also get yourself added by stopping by The Selling Lounge and having yourself added. Gift Listings

Stop on by the “Introduction Corner” to get acquainted with all the members and tell us about yourself.

ALL MEMBERS please make sure that you add all of your links in your signature as well as adding your site to your profile!

We together, if we all work together; can help each other out by participating in the Squidoo, Stumble Upon, Blogging, etc. Threads in the forum.

If you find imprtant information on the net that is going to help out other online sellers, please bring it to the forum and post it for us. We would really love to see more of you participate in this as we are all working together to better our business’ together. Please make yourself at home!

Best Blog Contest Winner – Congrats Apron Madness!
The Selling Lounge

Apron Madness

New Creations & Ideas are our passion. Crafting is a relaxing time between family & business. Join us & enjoy these new Ideas!

You will find many great recipes for all occasions over at Apron Madness’ Bog. Stop on by and check it out because chances are that you are going to want to follow her blog.

You will find many recipes such as Save That Turkey Carcass, Homemade Holiday Gift. Sugar and Spice Nuts, Thanksgiving changes to traditional recipes, Egg Nog Bread, Great Christmas Gift, along with a whole Blog full of wonderful recipes that you will for sure want to check out.

About StumbleUpon and What We Are Doing!

Our Stumble Upon Threads are run By: loraseverson

StumbleUpon is a social networking site that helps people discover and share websites. It has the potential to send a huge increase in traffic to your site and increase it’s popularity. As members “Stumble” through sites, they are delivered pages matched to their personal preferences. Rating them or giving them a “thumbs up” automatically shares them with others that have the same interests.

How can StumbleUpon help you as an online seller? When someone rates your site and gives it a thumbs up, it puts it into the StumbleUpon circulation and it is shown to people with similar interests. The more people that rate and review your site, the more exposure it will get. The more exposure it gets, the more popular it becomes and the more sales you make. The Selling Lounge is a great resource of other supportive online sellers who can help you get your sites rated and into the StumbleUpon mix.

However, StumbleUpon has a lot more to offer than just giving “thumbs up”. It is a social networking site and the more you are involved, the better results you will have. That’s where your Selling Lounge buddies can help you. Become StumbleUpon friends and subscribers of each other. “Share” stumbles with your friends. (The “share” button is found in your StumbleUpon toolbar.) Join StumbleUpon groups and become a part of the community.

Another tip to help StumbleUpon success is to dig deep into a site when rating it. Rating the first page is good; but digging deeper and targeting a specific product or niche is even better. When reviewing a product, make sure to pick the right topic and keywords. This will ensure that the right people are eventually seeing your site. Getting the right traffic to your site will ultimately lead to more sales.

Also, take advantage of your StumbleUpon blog which is located on your member’s page. Your StumbleUpon blog is a great place to post pictures, videos or blog about new products which is all helpful to gain exposure and traffic.

To join in on the stumbling going on at The Selling Lounge, add you links to the StumbleUpon thread. But it doesn’t stop there. Once you have added your links, it is your responsibility to stumble everyone else on the list. If we all work together and support each other we can all benefit from this powerful StumbleUpon tool. Keep in mind that your links will be removed if your are not actively stumbling.

Best Blog Contest

Best Blog For January Contest – Vote For Your Best Blog

We Have 9 Blogs To Pick From for The Best Blog Contest for January! Please stop by and visit our members blogs in this month’s Best Blog Contest and vote for your best blog.

  • We will have ONE (1) Winner
  • You can vote up to 2 times
  • You can only vote once for each site
  • You have to use your votes at the same time

Our 9 Blogs to vote on are:

Please while looking at The blogs Tweet them Favor them Comment on them Stumbleupon them

Vote Here For The Best Blog Contest Going On Now!

We have a Best Site Contest or Best Blog Contest each month and would love if everyone could participate in this fun activity. This not only gets visitors to your sites, but also get visitors looking at what you have for sale and helps up your page ranking.

Sign Up Here For The Best Site Contest:
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Please Read Our New Best Site Contest Rules!

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I will go through all submitted sites and pick which one will be added to the upcoming Newsletter. I will save all submitted sites to be featured in upcoming Newsletters.

I will need the following for your site submittal:
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The Selling Lounge Site of The Month

Gift Listings
Gift Listings for Shoppers – Online Gift Ideas for You

Yes, it’s yet another shopping blog!

However, this one will be primarily clickable lists to help you find gifts for others from a host of reliable online stores. The lists will begin appearing shortly, and there will be quite a few of them before you absolutely MUST fiish your holiday shopping. We currenetly have a group of folks scouring the net, compiling some great gift lists to help you find something that everyone on YOUR list will just love!

We’re working on lists of gift ideas for pet owners, sports lovers, cooks, babies and toddlers, jewelry lovers, and lots more!

We’ll also have lists places with free shipping, free gift wrap, and coupon specials. So, start your shopping excursion here!

If you have hard to buy for folks, then,we’d love to know just how we can help… To suggest a list, just leave a comment, asking for “Gift Ideas for ________” (you fill in the blank) and we’ll do our best!

The Selling Lounge Top 100 Sites

Top lists are excellent traffic building tools and is an easy way to get traffic to you. The Selling Lounge has it’s own Top 100 Site and we want you to benefit from the free traffic that they bring, so please add your banner today for FREE.

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Why writing articles are important to your business!

An excellent way to draw traffic to your online business and to succeed in making money is article writing and submitting them to directories. Article writing and submitting them is one of the most successful and free ways to promote you and your website.

When someone is looking for something on the internet chances are they will find you through an article that you have wrote which will have links going back to your website. This turns into future sales and traffic to you and your website which means money!

Think about it this way! When writing articles you want to put yourself in the shoes of your customer, therefore you want write content that your customer is looking for on the internet. You want to make sure that you have all the information needed to draw these people to you.

The Selling Lounge has its own Directory where you can submit your articles to.

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