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Thursday, October 1, 2009

October 2009 Selling Lounge Newsletter
October 2009 Newsletter
Welcome To The Selling Lounge

I would love to start off by Welcoming all new members to The Selling Lounge and to let you know we are all glad to have you on board! The Selling Lounge is a friendly forum full of resources for online sellers where sellers are helping sellers. We all work together in a positive manner to better our understanding of our business no matter where we sell.

Stop on by the “Introduction Corner” to get acquainted with all the members and tell us about yourself.

ALL MEMBERS please make sure that you add all of your links in your signature as well as adding your site to your profile!

We together, if we all work together; can help each other out by participating in the Squidoo, Stumble Upon, Blogging, etc. Threads in the forum.

If you find imprtant information on the net that is going to help out other online sellers, please bring it to the forum and post it for us. We would really love to see more of you participate in this as we are all working together to better our business’ together. Please make yourself at home!


If you have added your site links to the many areas of the forum to be included in either Stumble Upon, Squidoo, Blogging, etc. for others to either give credit to you and or help you out, please make sure that you are doing the same. If you are not participating in these areas which help YOU then others may just by pass your site. So please if you have added yourself to the many areas of the forum, stop by and participate like many others are doing.

For all of those that are participating and doing your part, The Selling Lounge and participating members all THANK YOU!!

If you have any questions concerning this, you may contact me.


Best Site Contest Winner – Congrats TwiceAroundBooks!

The Selling Lounge

Twice Around Books Best Site Contest Winner – 1st Place!

We welcome you to our store. We carry a full line of non fiction books, book accessories, magazines, and ephemera, Most items are either new, outdated, first editions, used and signed editions. We also have some antiquated books, which are in good, old or worn condition. Here you will also find many craft books and cookbooks.

We list items daily, so keep checking back with us. Please contact us if you are looking for a particular book or item and we will do our best to locate it for you.

Best Site For November Contest – Vote For Your Best Site

We Have 5 Sites To Pick From for The Best Site Contest for November! Please stop by and visit our sites in this month’s Best Site Contest and vote for your best site.
We will have ONE (1) Winner
You can vote up to 2 times
You can only vote once for each site
You have to use your votes at the same time

Our 5 Sites to vote on are:
Overnight Shops
Candy Bar Wrap
Junk 2 Treasures
Secrets Of Great Chefs
Little Shoppe On Web Street

Vote Here For The Best Site Contest Going On Now!

We have a Best Site Contest each month and would love if everyone could participate in this fun activity. This not only gets visitors to your sites, but also get visitors looking at what you have for sale and helps up your page ranking.

Sign Up Here For The Best Site Contest:
Vote Here For The Best Site Contest Going On Now!
Please Read Our New Best Site Contest Rules!

Featured Site!

My name is Shelly Gannon from Colorado. I started selling online in 1995. I began with a small site for our printing business. In 2000 we left our “brick & mortar” print shop & I began working from home.

One day as I was surfing the net & looking at other online bizes, I discovered Custom Candy Bar Wrappers. I thought this would be a great match with our printing biz & I decided to jump right in. Got my site on the internet… started taking samples to businesses & I was on my way. Later that year I discovered a company that would drop ship Custom engraved chocolates & I started

In 2007, a friend turned me on to & I set up a few more stores there. That same year, my friend proposed a business partnership & we began with our 1st website: then came , & more.

All along, I have been a firm believer in “more is better”. Taking the plan of the “Big Boys”…. the more stores you have on each corner… the more you will make.

In 2009, we formalized our Business Partnership & set up BlueSkiesPlus LLC. Since then, we set up so many sites that we listed them all under BlueSkiesPlusLLC website along with our blogs, my own sites & my friend’s sites.

To date, I, personally, have 13 websites, ecrater stores & zazzle galleries. I also sell during the holidays at etsy & ebay. Our Partnership is at 15 between websites, ecrater stores, buyitsellit, zazzle & bonanzle.

I have several blogs, squidoo lenses,& twitter accounts. All of our sites & my own have been set up & marketed by ourselves & we don’t pay a dime (except for any domains, store fees & hosting). I spend approx 16 hours a day / 7 days a week working on sites, adding products & marketing our sites. I do manage to clean the house & feed my kids in between all of it.

I have 2 daughters & along with working from home, I also started home schooling in 2001. They are now 19 & 13. My youngest went back to public school for middle school. Now I have a lot more time during the days.

Some of my / our sites,, •, •,•, •, •,•, •, •, •, •, •

Our Blogs:

Our Squidoo Lenses:

I don’t see any end of our “New Ideas” . I LOVE being able to work in my jammies & be home when the kids get home from school. So Online Selling is a great “job”. I do “what I want… when I want” & I’ll never get laid off.

Do YOU Squidoo?

Article By: OrganicGiftsByDiana

You should if you want to make it easier for potential customers to find you.

What is Squidoo ?
A Squidoo lens is a page – a sort of blog/journal/article/photo essay with captions… whatever you want it to be.
A Squidoo lens can help you define your brand and expand your network.

Curious yet ?
Join those of us in the Selling Lounge who are using Squidoo and loving it.

What can you Squidoo about ?
I list over 30 ideas here
I give lots of tips on how to Squidoo here

Do you already have a lens?
* If you agree to “Hug” the other lenses on the list in return,
add your lens link here

What in the world does “Hugging” a lens mean ?
Find that out here

If you think you might want to write a Squidoo lens, but don’t know how – I will be having a mini How-To one of these days, just watch the Squidoo threads for the day and time.

It will only be for 15-20 minutes.

I will try to have a mini Squidoo workshop once a month to help new ones start a lens and to help those who already have one learn something new too.

Do You Want Your Site Featured In Our Newsletter?

If you are interested in having your site featured in our Newsletter please submit to me why you think your site should be featured in The Selling Lounge Newsletter along with a brief description of your site no more than about a paragraph in length.

I will go through all submitted sites and pick which one will be added to the upcoming Newsletter. I will save all submitted sites to be featured in upcoming Newsletters.

I will need the following for your site submittal:
1. The name of your site
2. The URL of your site
3. The Description of your site
4. A Banner for your site no wider than 500px
5. You must be an active member in the forum

Contact Me About Your Site!

TSL Member In The Spotlight

The TSL Spotlight is shining on A real, live, bonafied Author: maryrussel

Yes, it’s true! The TSL spotlight has found a writer to shine on this time! It’s one of our newer members at The Selling Lounge… and one who started right off contributing to our forum from her first day – Mary Russel. Mary writes travel, automotive, dog, and business related articles, children’s stories, mystery novels, short stories, and ad copy.

You’ll find some of her articles and a biography at her eHow.

The TSL Spotlight is shining on RhinestonesPast

When you enter the beautiful, and recently redesigned, site of RhinestonesPast, you immediately find yourself in a pleasant place, a world of beautiful vintage jewelry and intriguing collectibles that will, for some, bring back fond memories, and for others, inform of an earlier, gentler lifestyle, when bracelets and watches made an elegant statement, special gold pieces were treasures, and specal items, with special uses sometimes held a very special meaning for the original owner.

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